Child Health

The 0– 5 years Child health Registered Nurse and Enrolled Nurse at DAHS, along with a GP work together to ensure that children in this age group in particular are appropriately screened, monitored, and linked with Paediatric Specialist services when needed.

Child Health appointments are also offered at various times on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.

The child health workers have established relationships with other organisations in Derby, such as local child-care, to extend child health education and screening into the community setting.  There is also a close working relationship with the Paediatricians to ensure children are seen following referrals by the GP. There is regular contact made with the school nurse to enable continuity between preschool and school years.

The Child Health Registered Nurse and other DAHS staff (registered Nurses) have completed recognised immunisation training courses and are able to perform opportunistic immunisations at any time they are available

We are committed to core principles including Aboriginal self-determination, access, equity, empowerment and reconciliation.